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Serological Pipette 5 mL

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Product Number:LDSF2131
  • Packaging:300 per box, individually wrapped
  • Length:347mm
  • Color Coded Band:Blue
  • Graduation (ml):1/10
  • Sterilization:Gamma Irradiation
  • High clarity polystyrene
  • Used with electromotive pipette controllers and manual pipette pump to transfer liquid in various volume
  • Commonly used in tissue culture and bacterial culture experiments
  • One-piece construction, individually wrapped
  • Edged color-coded band for identification
  • Negative graduations for extra volume
  • Bidirectional graduation improve the accuracy
  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation, non-pyrogenic,non-cytotoxic, non-heamolytic
  • DNase/RNase free
  • Bonded polyolefin fiber filter to reduce contamination

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